“I’m so grateful to have Laura in my life as a coach. She is warm, caring and wise, has a calming, down-to-earth presence, plus a great sense of humor!” Within just a few weeks Laura helped bring a tremendous amount of clarity to the aspects of my life that had been challenging me the most, making them much easier to focus on and deal with. She helped me transform limiting beliefs I had never fully examined into new, supportive beliefs that are now assisting my growth rather than hindering it. What a breakthrough! She also helped me discover my deepest core values, how they inform my daily life and how to make choices that are in greater alignment with them. Laura has a true talent for facilitating a deeper understanding of yourself, what makes you tick as an individual and how to translate this understanding into simple, practical actions toward making positive changes in your life. The action steps we came up with were very manageable, tailored to my unique goals and comfort level so that I felt empowered and supported in following through with them. I highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking guidance and support for facing challenges and creating a clear path to greater well-being.”

Becca Ellis King