"Laura is the best listener, period." She hears what you are saying (and even what you're NOT saying),  asks questions that make you look inside yourself and pull out the answers on your own. In a session with Laura, she doesn't solve your problems for you. She guides you to the place within yourself where … Continue reading Ami Collofello

Ami Collofello

As a single parent of two teenagers, with a full time job and a volunteer position as board president of an organization with over 5,000 members, I was starting to neglect my physical and mental health and was struggling to find balance and next steps. Even after my very first visit with Laura, I felt … Continue reading Ali


"Oh my goodness, I just got home after a session with Laura and I had to immediately sit down and write this. I walked into our session feeling overwhelmed, stressed by work, worried about my finances and just a basic mess. My body and spirit felt deeply heavy. With Laura's calm, persistent manner and spot … Continue reading Kim Davies

Kim Davies

"I'm so grateful to have Laura in my life as a coach. She is warm, caring and wise, has a calming, down-to-earth presence, plus a great sense of humor!" Within just a few weeks Laura helped bring a tremendous amount of clarity to the aspects of my life that had been challenging me the most, … Continue reading Becca Ellis King

Becca Ellis King