I have been under a lot of stress lately between working, running my household, growing my coaching business and building and outfitting an ADU for AirBnb in our backyard. Not to mention coming through a long,wet, cold winter which didn't help my mind set. I will be completely honest- I am not a happy camper … Continue reading STRESS!!!

A Hint of Spring

What a lovely day! It was warm, we felt sunlight sunlight and our family was together to celebrate a birthday. After such a long cold winter, today felt like a beautiful promise of things to come. Sometimes life is that easy. All we need is light, warmth and love. I'm thankful my life was easy today.


I have gone through so many transitions in my life. I moved from child to adult, student to graduate, employee to business owner, girlfriend to wife, wanting to be a Mom to Mom of a 3- day old infant through adoption, career girl to stay-at -home Mom, Mom to Empty Nester, floundering Mother and wife … Continue reading Transitions