Walk! Talk! Coach!

I am so excited about a new service I will begin offering in January. I am still working on the name but what it will be is walking and talking coaching and it’s gonna be great!!!

The idea was spurred on by the results of a survey I did a few weeks ago. Hands down, the number one concern of respondents, aged 40+, was their health and wellbeing. The comments indicated women are concerned with their weight, ease of movement, lack of exercise, pain, feelings about how they look and feel, skin care and overall health.

So this new method of coaching will help my clients make that really hard initial move into exercising and allow them to work on the issues of their lives that keep them stuck. We will combine two activities that will make their bodies more fit and their lives so much better!!

I am still working out the details. Stay tuned and if you want to know more please comment.



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