I have been under a lot of stress lately between working, running my household, growing my coaching business and building and outfitting an ADU for AirBnb in our backyard. Not to mention coming through a long,wet, cold winter which didn’t help my mind set.

I will be completely honest- I am not a happy camper when I am under large amounts of stress. I get really impatient and all my self care seems to fall by the wayside. At these times I  forget exactly what it is I need to do to to bring myself back into balance.

As my stress eases I am full of great ideas about self care like getting more sleep, eating better, going out for a run, connecting with my friends, seeing my life coach, hitting a happy hour with my husband, being out in nature. All of these things feed me and make me happy but they are so hard to access when I am under too much stress.

How do you handle stress? Do you hunker down and take extra good care of yourself? Do you have a support system that keeps you on track? Or a health and wellness coach (I know a great one if you have the need) who helps you remember what makes you able to withstand stress? Or maybe a life coach who helps you come back into balance? I hope you know what feeds you and makes you happy and that you can access them in times of stress.


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